HDI Global – GREEN (Global Risk Engineering Extranet)


By way of the GREEN internet platform we support your risk management through:

Systematic recording of risks
With our “individual standards” we coordinate the criteria and content with you for systematically recording your risks. In this way risks can be systematically recorded on the basis of your individual requirements. But you can also place your trust in our tried and tested processes.

Consistent assessment of risks
Based on systematic recording we also offer consistent assessment of risks. This can either take place in accordance with a model individually agreed with you, or on the basis of our assessment systems which have proven themselves over many years.

Provision of up-to-date risk information
The data we record and set out is up-to-date and available to you in full. Through the global access of our personnel to our central system, data, inspection reports and assessments entered today are already available for you tomorrow.

Clear presentation of risk benchmarks
When describing risks we place particular value on the clarity and comprehensibility of the overviews. On the one hand this promotes a dialogue on the perception of risks, and on the other hand forms the basis for decisions on risk-reducing measures.

Constructive use of measures for risk reduction
With GREEN we are promoting a dialogue on constructively using measures for reducing risk. With the aid of effectiveness factors (comparable to the NLE approach), measures can be prioritised in order to achieve optimum effects with the time and effort involved. With the “automatic following up of measures” the use of the measures can be specifically controlled where necessary.

Reporting (benchmarks relating to risk quality, status measures, ...)
In order to support our clients‘ risk management we offer the regular compilation of reports in which, for example, changes in the risk quality and insurance sums, as well as progress in the implementation of measures to reduce risks are documented.

Document centre
All relevant documents, such as inspection reports, test certificates, corporate guidelines, training documents etc. are available to you via the document centre.

Fine-granular user administration
Fine-granular user administration allows the individual granting of rights to three levels of your company. The upper level allows full access to all documents and benchmarks. The lowest level only allows access to information at one plant/location. In accordance with your company structure the middle level offers access to selected business areas/business units or subsidiary companies.